About E-Track

E-Track, designed by Tototheo Group of Companies, offers a solid state asset tracking and management solution for the shipping industry.

Based on up-to-date web technologies and using Google Maps, as map interface for tracking companies’ assets, utilizes full power of web services provided on the market to bring up-to-date solutions

E-Track platform serves any type of Inmarsat-C/Mini-C equipment with regards to manufacturer bringing asset management operations to new levels, by supporting additional information on cargo logistics and engineering supervision with its “Reports/Postings” service connecting ship-to-shore information exchange.

E-Track platform offers users with the following features:

  • Fleet management and Asset grouping dynamically
  • Custom formats of Posting reports suiting company requirements
  • On board solutions of custom crew reporting system
  • Strong binding to air-time providers on registering equipment with few clicks away from tracking assets on-lineIndependent system of position reports compatible with the most on board systems
  • Automated control and troubleshooting of terminals on board (aka Programmer)
  • Geo locations helping to specify piracy areas with notifications via E-mail to supervisors and groups of fleet operators
  • Piracy information imports embedded to E-Track to constantly monitor recent news about Piracy accidents.
  • Multiple terminal installations per asset with simple switching of terminal for reporting.
  • Full reports on asset status per fleets or company-wiseMore to come…contact us for more info