Christmas Upgrade: Binary encoded messages for Mini-C

New Year passed, and some of you might noticed a tiny Christmas upgrade of E-Track Vessel Management System.

For our customers, who uses 1-8byte messages of Mini-C terminals (aka binary position reporting format), we added an expansion of data reports stating exact reason of reporting.

Thrane & Thrane uses predefined memory codes while sending position report messages to E-Track. The following data might be noted in Communication tab while checking your vessels:

  • Power Up/Power Down signals (in case the unit gets unplugged from electricity)
  • Blocked GPS antenna (GPS antenna blocked by an obstacle)
  • I/O Report. (custom programmed pins of the unit, to act on opening terminal box)
  • Speed limitation alarms (Program the unit to send speed alarms if the speed is out of predefined range)
  • Zone entrance (Zones included in the terminals tracked by the unit rather then software on shore)
  • Sleep mode of the terminals

For more information if needed you can contact our technical support to provide you moreĀ informationĀ on how to customize programming procedures of terminals.

This feature is not available for all the companies – thus – if you want it enabled on your account – contact our Sales Department.



Posted Monday, January 2nd, 2012 under Updates.

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