What SSAS stands for?

SSAS – is a standard of communication certified by IMO in order to comply with SOLAS convention. SSAS solutions are available across its Inmarsat C, mini-C and D+ services:

The system is a joint project between Cospas-Sarsat and the IMO. In case of attempted piracy or terrorism, the ship’s SSAS beacon can be activated, and appropriate law-enforcement or military forces can be dispatched. An SSAS beacon operates with similar principles to the aircraft transponder emergency code 7700.


SSAS enabled TT-3000SSA


An example of SSAS enabled terminal from Thrane & Thrane is its  SAILOR TT-3000SSA System is based upon the well-known and reliable Inmarsat-C service, known for its unique role in maritime safety and for more than a decade an integral part of the IMO’s GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). It has been developed by Thrane & Thrane to supply customers with a system that fulfils the  SOLAS requirements from IMO.

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