E-Track version update: 1.77

Yesterday, our Development Team has release E-Track version 1.77 with major security updates and fundamental upgrades of the core.

Following release, apart of core functionality upgrades, has a number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Icon set upgrades: users can use more color schema graphics to distinguish more asset types
  • Posting Module upgrades: in version 1.76 we brought you different posting type collections. Now all posting types can be seen as one as well
  • Downloadable behavior for postings in order to bring this information for statistical and charting use.
  • Zones Module upgrade: users might use zones to create custom reminders and notifications on the fleets/assets assigned to the user.
Current release includes more then 500 files re-factored, that will bring more flexibility for the core functionality of E-Track.
Posted Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 under Updates.


  1. Dear E-Track Team,
    Congratulations to the new Posting Module. It would save us clicks if the full Report would automatically open when you click on the Posting Tab. Now you need to click the posting Tab and scroll all the way down until you find the View full Report Tab.

    E.-H. Adami

  2. Dear Mr. Adami,

    We’re currently working on this issue, to make the interface even more user-friendly, so you won’t have to scroll and minimize the number of clicks on the map as well.

    With new release, we would bring more features live, that will simplify management and monitoring system of E-Track for easy troubleshooting of hardware and software issues.

    The suggestion you wrote will be included in the roadmap of E-Track Development, and shortly will be available in the system.

    We’re glad that you’re satisfied with our application. More thing to come live these days.

    Development team

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