E-Track vessel tracking application: version 1.75

We continue to improve our tracking platform

With version 1.75 we have release a new set of features and improvements of the E-Track:

  1. There have been an update of VSAT KVH coverage maps, plus the addition of few extra satellites for Brazil region and Middle East.
  2. Speed and size optimization of E-Track Engine gave us 20% increase in load.
  3. Easy monitoring of reporting vessels with LRIT and SSAS terminals installed on board of each vessel with reports/day and terminal names.
  4. Posting module improvements to easily create small, big and huge(!) report templates for vessel crews.
  5. Better integration of our crewing module with our colleagues in SpecTec company for on-fly generation of crewing accounts
  6. New URL structures and types of Public Access for E-Track Platform.
  7. Request Module is expanded to “Batch Addition” of vessels to speed up operations time for our new-coming clients


For more information regarding updates of E-Track Vessel Tracking System you can contact us, or follow recent updates on RSS.


Posted Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 under Updates.

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