E-Track Update: version 1.74

E-Track Tracking System was successfully updated yesterday night to version 1.74.

Present release has drastic improvements on Permission system and clearer integration of embedded maps for our customer personal websites.

Version 1.74 contains following features and improvements:

  • Notification Module: Fleet operators can get notifications on over reporting and outdated vessels from the fleets they manage
  • Postings Module: Rearranged to be more user-friendly with¬†precise¬†information given on the vessel
  • Report Module: Re-organized traffic report and improved speed performance of calculations and correcting of report types for users
  • Export Module: With recent piracy threats, we have setup export functionality for other third-party services that might require vessel positions
  • Permission Module: Company Administrators have more access to limit functionality of fleet operators.


E-Track Release of 1.75 will have even bigger feature set for upcoming integration of new Service Providers and Data Flow information via E-Track platform.

Posted Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 under Updates.

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