E-Track update: version 1.73

Today, we have updated our E-Track platform to long-awaited version 1.73.

This release contains major bugfixes and improvements of the core system functionality:

  • Programmer confirmation: Once it’s enabled the system will ask for confirmation regarding automatic monitoring of the vessel reporting system
  • Request Forms are improved and became more user-friendly. You can assign your vessels to a multiple number of fleets and clearly specify reports counters
  • Report system has been modified to let users download all monitoring information for later indoor processing for accounting and reports.
  • Tweaks and fixes on interface. We polished the interface to be accessible on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome browsers so now you can use E-Track with the browser of your choice
  • User profile updates: all the pages for user settings are now merged in one.
  • Performance and speed optimization: Since the last 1.72 version, speed performance was increased by 45%.
  • Separation of Polls and Posting reports: Big cleaning of communication interface was a tough work for us. Now, you can easily navigation between automatically generated reports from terminals and custom made reports.

For any feedback, you can always use the contact form, or contact directly the development team. More updates of E-Track are yet to come.

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Posted Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 under Updates.

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